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Decide what career direction you want with clarity and confidence.
Make the change you so want for yourself.
Wake up fulfilled & excited about
your future.
Let me show you how to do it  


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Phase 1 : Explore 

Phase 2: Dream 

Phase 3: Discover

Explore phase focusses on aligning yourself with who you are and what you want in your life and career. Here we will explore both about you as a person, what makes you come alive, as well as all your work preferences (values, interests, strengths, skills, knowledge) . 

The discovery phase is where we focus on creating real possibilities for yourself. This part of the process where you will generate a number of new career choices and we will start to explore them together. 

This is the action phase. This is the point in the process where you delve into the top possibility that was generated in the dream stage. You will use a creative and empowering process, which lets you turn your vision for an exciting career that’s right for you into a action plan to make it happen. 

Want to know more?

What is coaching?

I will be guiding & supporting you to identify what you want, explore options, deal with obstacles, open your mind to new possibilities and how to move forward. I will not be telling you which job to take 

What can I expect from coaching?

My considered programme is designed with you in mind. I am going to keep you accountable, provide support and expand your mind beyond what you currently see for yourself at this present time. You will leave coaching with a better sense of who you are as well as a carefully thought out direction for your career that extends beyond ticking some boxes but truly aligns with your needs and wants.

How long are the sessions?

Each session is 1h long on zoom. Most clients work with me between 9-14 sessions. The entire process is not a quick fix, I tent to work with my clients for about 3 to 6 months. The goal is to get you from A to B and that can take longer for some and it depends on your circumstances.

How would you describe your approach?

I am 100% holistic in my approach. I want my clients to really understand what they want and be confident in their choices before we pave the way to figuring out how to get there. Its essential my clients have a safe non judgemental space to deal with whatever comes up for them

How much does it cost and whats included?

My programme is £1800 paid for upfront in full OR 4 monthly payments of £475


Included in that price is:

  • up to 14 sessions of 121 coaching with expert in career coaching

  • Over 30 exercises and tools catered to your needs 

  • 10+ assignments to do at home and reflect on your career change in more depth

  • Group whats app group for additional resources

  • Extra support in between the sessions when needed

  • Preparation before and after sessions by coach

  • Weekly feedback form to reflect on sessions

  • A huge cheerleader thats going to support you to make these changes :) 

Do you charge for a consultation?

My Discovery call is free of charge and last approx 20 minutes on zoom. Here we can discuss your situation in further detail and I can answer any further questions. Its a chance to see what it would be like to be coached by me & if we are a good match for each other

What work is there between sessions?

 There will be work to do in preparation for the sessions and I will ask that you are accountable for this. Its part of the process and isn't just extra to do on the side 

What are your working hours

I work 'normal' working hours 9-5 Monday to Friday. I do not work weekends or evenings. I also want a work life balance :) All of my clients find a way to make it work during those hours. 

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