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What is coaching?

I will be guiding & supporting you to identify what you want, explore options, deal with obstacles, open your mind to new possibilities and how to move forward. I will not be telling you which job to take 

Do you charge for a consultation?

My Discovery call is free of charge and last approx 15 minutes on zoom. Here we can discuss your situation in further detail and I can answer any further questions. Its a chance to see what it would be like to be coached by me & if we are a good match for each other

What work is there between sessions?

I will provide a coaching pack to all clients. Within this shared document will be reflective questions to answer after every session. I will also give further work depending on what we covered that session. Sometimes it maybe reflective, sometimes you will have loads of options to explore. 

What are your working hours

I work 'normal' working hours 9-5 Monday to Friday. I do not work weekends or evenings. I also want a work life balance :) All of my clients find a way to make it work during those hours. 

What can I expect from coaching?

You will always leave coaching with a clearer mind, more openness and options available to you, wider perspectives and positive outlook. You will always leave the session knowing  & feeling that your moving forward towards the career and life thats right for you.

How long are the sessions?

Each session is 1h long on zoom. Clients can choose between single, 3 session or 6 session packages depending on their needs. Most clients work with me for 6 or more, its a process. I suggest sessions are usually weekly for momentum & accountability but I can be flexible in spacing them out if thats whats preferred. 

How would you describe your approach?

I am 100% holistic in my approach, meaning I work with the whole person. I need my clients to really understand what they want and be confident in their choices before we pave the way to figuring out how to get there. Its essential my clients have a safe non judgemental space to deal with whatever comes up for them that day. 

Pebble Beach
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