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Are you stuck and unhappy in your career?

Do you lack clear direction and feel at a complete loss with what to do next?

Does your job no longer serve you? 

Do you want something more meaningful, motivating and aligned with you?

Do you keep asking yourself "is this it?"

Is your career impacting your health and relationships?

Are you struggling to make decisions for yourself?

Does the fear of change keep you stagnant?

Career Change Programme

My Career Change Programme will take you from feeling stuck and unclear, to having full clarity and confidence over the career you want and how to make it happen. 

Whether its a complete change or a pivot, i'm here to help you take control and create a career & life thats aligned with you and makes you happy.

Meet Amy Cohen, Career Coach

Hi 👋 — I'm Amy.

I am an ICF ACC accredited Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Firework Certified and an associate coach for Bloom.


Having also done this work myself, I understand the challenges & uncertainty you feel.


I also know that this process will not only transform your career but also your life.


With Amy Cohen Coaching, you will gain the confidence & clarity on who you truly are, the direction you want to go in and help you take the steps towards your vision for the future.


After the Career Change Programme, you will feel empowered to create a life that's true to you're heart and find the career that's absolutely right for you.


You will leave with the confidence to make it all happen.

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