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Career Change Coaching

Redefine, Realign & Redesign your career today!

Are you stuck in a job that you've had great success in, but isn't working for you anymore? Have your priorities changed? Do you wonder if the next stage in your career could be something else entirely? Does your trajectory feel far removed from the person you are? Do you want to make a change but dont know what you want or how to make the transition a reality? 


Have you tried to figure this out alone, spoken to friends & family but nothings come to light? Is the idea of taking a jump into the unknown keeping you stagnant? 

I proudly coach successful men & women at the mid stages of their career, who really want the next chapter to be satisfying, motivating, fulfilling and rewarding. 

If this sounds like you, dont hesitate. Reach out today for a no strings attached consultation. 

I am a ICF accredited Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Firework Certified. Having also done this work myself, I understand the challenges & uncertainty you feel. I also know that this process will not only transform your career but also you life. You will gain the confidence & clarity on who you truly are, the direction you want to go in and help you take the steps towards your vision for the future. After coaching with me, you will feel empowered to create a life that's true to you're heart and find the career that's absolutely right for you. You will leave with the confidence to make it all happen.
Client Feedback

What do my clients say?

I approached Amy at a very confusing time in my career. I had achieved great success but felt something deeper was missing, and needed guidance in finding a way to feel confident and focused in making any changes.

From the first session, Amy left me feeling invigorated - like a spark had finally been ignited! Over the course of sessions, we worked through exercises to help me bring greater clarity to what I had to overcome, reprogram and action to help me on my way to a more content, genuinely happy existence. The weekly homework helped tremendously in terms of self reflection. I would recommend Amy to anyone that needs help in taking the leap - the thinking I came away with will say with me for a lifetime

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Amy changed my life. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I am able to focus on my future and what I want.  

 I now have choices available & I have more control of my life


I can’t thank Amy enough for creating a safe space for me to share and deal with my challenges in my career. Amy has helped me breakthrough some of my negative patterns and I feel more confident and self-assured to pursue the career i want.


I just wanted to drop you a message to say ive finished with my property management role and ive started my own business. Ive already got two clients and i am over the moon and so excited. I could never have made this move or realised my potential without your sessions. Thanks for guiding me on my journey


Thanks to Amy, I am able to break free from my negative thought patterns about my capabilities. I dont fear everything so much. I feel more human. I am a better version of myself and I have a more positive outlook on my future.


Things have been going well career and studying wise. My work gave me the pay rise & have paid for my uni course. Im really enjoying it and I can really see a career for myself in this field in the future so I am excited, motivated, feel driven and happy!

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