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From Trapped In Finance Marketing To Inspiring Education Innovation

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What was life and work like before coaching with Amy?

I was working in a corporate job I hated, in an industry I found soulless. I’d known for years that I was on the wrong path, but whenever I looked at alternative careers I felt overwhelmed by options, fear, and self-doubt. What if I invested time and energy into studying for a new career, only to find I made the wrong move yet again? What if I chose something I was terrible at? What if my friends and family thought I was making a terrible decision? Why was I finding it so difficult to find a job that I didn't hate, and just get on with it like everyone else? The more lost and unhappy I became, the bigger the overwhelm and the more trapped I felt.

How was the coaching experience?

I really wanted someone to just sit me down, ask a couple of questions, then hand me a job title that I could go and train to become but the experience of working with Amy turned out to be far more transformational than I could have ever imagined. Amy made me realise this mindset was the exact reason I’d struggled to make progress on my own: I hadn’t been able to truly explore what career was right for me, because I hadn’t been connecting properly with myself and what I wanted for years. Amy helped me understand I was afraid to fully express myself and take risks, I’d been choosing to conform to whatever I thought society and people in my life expected of me, and my career choices were a manifestation of that. I’d been ignoring a huge part of myself—the creative side and my need to connect with people on a deeper level—and had been paying the price as a consequence.

What did you get out of the programme?

Amy’s programme got me to explore all the facets of a career and how they link back to me as an individual, giving me confidence in my decision-making and a greater understanding of how to approach the options out there. From values and interests, to my innate skills and ways of working that allow me to thrive. Amy provided the support, encouragement, and guidance I needed along the way to continue this exploration without becoming overwhelmed or giving up. More importantly, she connected with me as a person and provided emotional support to help me address the self-doubt that had been holding me back. I trusted the process and am so glad I did.

What are your results of coaching with Amy?

I’m preparing to start my first job on a project that aligns with my core values and interests. I have a plan for my own venture that is a true expression of who I am, and a creative outlet that I’ve been using to nurture that side of me I’d been neglecting for years. On top of all of that, I have a Plan B, C, and D for careers I know I’d enjoy, should none of the above work out.

In summary, what did you get from this experience?

My career coaching experience did so much more than help me define my vision for a fulfilling career, it helped me to define my vision for a fulfilling life. This improved understanding of myself has given me the confidence in my decision-making that I was lacking in the past. The future will always be uncertain, self-doubt will come and go, but this is the most optimistic I’ve felt about my future in a very long time. If you’re on the fence about taking the plunge and making this investment in yourself, I strongly encourage you to do so if you can. I promise you won’t regret it!

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