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Career Change is possible - top tips to get you started

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Are you on a hamster wheel? Circling in indecision and not going anywhere?

Im here to tell you you're not alone! In fact theres so many of you I decided to write some simple tips to get you off it.

  1. Dont spend a lot of time on job sites, especially If you don’t know what you want. It can be overwhelming and create more stress which is just not useful.

  2. Be curious and inquisitive about whats out there. I know Its easy to rely on incoming job post but its really ok to ask questions about others roles, companies and industries even if you don’t know what they are all about. What jobs have you always been curious about?

  3. What free resources do you have available? Utilise the ones you have and if not go find some more

  4. Dont take advice from friends and family. They may have your best interest at heart but ultimately your the one who has to decide whats good for you.

  5. For every issue, there is a solution! If you don’t like your current role, think about how you can make small changes to make a big difference. This should ease the pressure to get out fast and thus avoiding a quick career change.

Oh and one more,

  1. Hire a career coach & take some real time for yourself. Find someone with a non judgemental, unbiased perspective who can help you clarify, explore, delve, create, reframe and gain confidence to have the career and ultimately a life that will make you happy. Thats really what its all about.

I truly hope that was a useful reminder :) So much love x Amy x

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