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How to overcome the fear of taking risks

This is a significant concern for many people—the thought of leaving their job and career, essentially starting over, can be incredibly daunting. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Let's explore a few ways to make these risks seem less intimidating.

Firstly, what many people overlook, and this is what prevents them from even considering new ideas for their career, is the importance of gathering information beforehand. Prior to taking that leap, it's crucial to seek out all the necessary information, validation, knowledge, vision and resources. This way, when you do decide to make a change, you'll have a solid foundation. It's like being able to see what lies at the bottom of the ocean before taking the plunge. This can be super helpful and the reason people make change.

Secondly, there's a mindset shift that people often neglect, and it stems from a course I undertook called Positive Intelligence by its founder, Shirzad. He emphasizes the need to retrain your mind in how you perceive challenges or obstacles. If your current career is no longer serving you, acknowledging it as an opportunity for change is the initial step. Consider this: What if your career challenges are preventing you from pausing to contemplate what you truly want? Imagine spending the next two decades doing the same thing, only to wake up at 85 and wonder why you didn't take action earlier. The key mindset shift is realizing that making this change can open the door to even greater possibilities. Opportunities that you couldn't have envisioned may start to unfold. What if it could be even greater than you could ever of imagined!

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