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How to create a job thats a little more you.....with a FREE WORKSHEET to make it happen

Ever wondered how you would go from a full-time office job to creating something that works for you and your life? Do you often put an idea to bed because you believe it's not possible for you?  


 Are you bored of the same routine with lack of variety and motivation? 


 Bound to your job because of money? 


 Not sure what else to do or how to make it happen? 


Keep reading to discover how my clients make this a reality,

and open your mind to a more fulfilling career future.  


In the hustle and bustle of today's work world, we know the good old 40-hour office week isn't the only option anymore. My clients are certainly starting to think outside the 'Monday-to-Friday box' and are considering some cool alternatives for a more balanced and interesting work life.  


First up, flexible schedules and variety are top of the list. Some clients are shaking up the routine with compressed workweeks, packing in their hours in fewer days for longer weekends.


Others are flipping the script on the 9-to-5 by embracing remote work, getting the job done from wherever they please. It's totally possible and it's so great to see my clients figuring out how to make it happen for themselves.  


Bills Bills Bills! There's always money barriers to consider and it tends to hold people back from even fathoming the idea of a career move. But there's freelancing, side hustles, and project-based gigs which are giving my clients a chance to diversify their skills and take control of their time. No more being chained to a single desk! 


Job-sharing is another trend on the rise and a great option. Two heads are often better than one, and splitting the responsibilities of a full-time gig can bring a breath of fresh air to the workweek. 


Some of my clients are crafting a workweek patchwork quilt, blending full-time jobs with part-time passion projects, freelancing, and maybe even a dash of entrepreneurship. 


Work isn't one-size-fits-all anymore, so why should your workweek be? 


Does this sound like you but unsure how to make it happen for yourself? Download the free Journal Prompt Worksheet, get scribbling, then review your answers with me on a FREE CALL.

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