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What Will Your Family Say At Your Funeral?

A few of my friends' parents have unfortunately died in the last year, which means I've been to a number of funerals.

It's really interesting hearing the diverse range of speeches, what people choose to share about their parents/partners surrounded by community in moments of grief. People often talk about the character of that person, funny, kind, loving, etc., but one particular speech has stayed fixed in my mind and I wanted to share it.

A friend spoke so eloquently about her father. Bobby worked in the restaurant industry since he was young. He had such passion for his work (particularly sandwiches). You could talk to him about pickles for hours.

She spoke about her childhood and her fond memories of working in restaurants from a young age. She said, "My dad always told us...

Do what you love

Wear what you love

Eat what you love

Listen to music that you love

Be surrounded by those you love

He was the epitome of passion, love for his work, and someone who put his family at the center of his universe. He is everything I aspire to be for my kids.

Passion doesn't have to be sandwiches; it can just be passion for anything you do. It can be passion to learn, grow, develop something that is truly you.

It's just a reminder today that we have one life, a life to look back on, pass down, and take advantage of. If you are deeply unhappy or unmotivated by your career, will you regret it?


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